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Erin was featured on downtown bentonville dwtn after performing first friday. See the interview here:

Check out erin's original music

Along with collaborating with singer/songwriters and writing music for songs, Erin has written and recorded her own original, instrumental music. Check some of them out here:

Erin's Newest Release
"everyone's dancing mind" streaming now:
Erin partners with Explore Apparel for endorsement!

Explore Apparel is a New York City based streetware clothing inspired brand. The brand was started by graphic designer, artist, and musician bobby LAVOY. Explore Apparel is more than just a clothing company. It is a message to those who need something more to hold on to in their everyday life. ExploreING the possibilities, ExploreING your options, and ExploreING what we all will become in the future. There are more choices in life than most of us think. When times are tough, Explore your mind, and find those choices. YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY…

Erin was nominated for the
2018 Arkansas Country Music Awards
Guitarist of the Year

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